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We all have a P.A.S.T. (People-Anger-Sin-Tragedies). We have all been hurt, abused, mistreated, and broken. It's time to overcome the past and press into the healing power of NOW! "Incorruptible" is purposed for you to rise up and out from the pit. You will learn how to walk into the place God has prepared for you.


Within its pages, you will be able to clearly identify Christ's unending love and receive complete restoration. Your MIND will be renewed. Your FAITH will be activated. You will MOVE in the direction of Christ's ultimate plan and purpose for your life.It's time to break up the ground, pick up the pieces, confront the truth, and truly live FREE, HEALED, and HAPPY! Your past has no legal right to do business with your future.


You are a child of God, born of the "Incorruptible Seed": the very Word of God!

Incorruptible: Restoring Your Soul

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