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The Palace

The Coaches Palace is a group for Coaches Building A Business.


We will do monthly live training, weekly accountability videos, and support in this group. The training sessions are designed to meet the immediate need of the coaches in the group such as:

  • Coaching Plan Strategies

  • Legal Business Set-Up

  • Expanding your Reach, etc.

The Why

"What am I supposed to do after my Coaching Certification? Where do I start?"

We notice the demand for support, business building, mentoring, and launching. We want to help you "fill in the blanks" with knowledge and confidence. There are people in need of your coaching, and you should be able to serve them with preparedness. 

It's For You

No matter what academy you completed your certification with, this group is open to all coaches. Leading a Coaching Academy, being certified, running a coaching business ourselves, we understand the importance of having the tools you need to execute. 

If you're a new coach, this group is for you. If you're a seasoned coach, this group is for you. If you're a coach returning to the coaching industry, this group is for you. 

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